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Why we do what we do

To help others achieve their pursuits by using video as a common communications medium. We picture a world where people use video cameras as regularly as they use ink pens, keyboards, cameras, email, texts, printers and blogs to communicate thoughts, ideas and concepts.

For 30 years, it's been with great pleasure that Videomaker has had the opportunity, privilege and most importantly your trust in letting us be your source for the relevant information and reviews of everything video

When visiting Videomaker.com, or any of our social media pages, you can find tips and techniques for great video results as well as product comparisons and reviews that are useful to help you make the right purchasing decisions. Then, you can shop with us here at the Videomaker Store to get your next favorite video equipment from a source you trust.

You can learn more about Videomaker Inc. here: https://www.videomaker.com/about-us

Videomaker Inc. Corporate Social Responsibilty and our passion.

Ompt One Mobile Projector Per Trainer


We believe that local organizations are the experts in local interventions. By empowering organizations to create videos, we can help them to better reach the most underserved and remote communities with less staff and fewer resources. With recent advancements in technology – like mini cameras and mini projectors – everyone can use video as an educational tool, even without electricity. Our equipment uses alternative energy sources like solar power, so it can be used anywhere, at any time.